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Feb 2018: KHKode Website

KHKode website under development. Basic content completed. Now attention needed to design.

Jan 2018: Trident

Currently working on a web and mobile application called Trident.

Trident is a system for managing plant defects in the workplace. Users may use either an app on their mobile device or the web application to report defects. A photo can be uploaded at the same time to illustrate the nature of the defect.

A controller can view new defects with the app on their mobile device or web application and dispatch the job to a fixer. The fixer is notified and can view the list of jobs on their mobile or web application.

Once a job is completed, the controller and end user are notified and the job can be closed.

For information and a demo version, checkout Trident here.

Dec 2017: Miideas

Completed writing the Android version of Miideas.

Miideas is an app for storing ideas. Write notes, store web address, keep photos and make sketches. The Android version can be downloaded here. Please note, as the app is outside of Google Play Store, you may have to temporarily change some security settings.



Need a website for your new business? Is Your old website looking a bit dated or not working correctly?

Contact me and I'll be happy to discuss a plan.

Please contact me with details of the website you require. Below is a price list, starting with the base package for a basic website. The rest of the list are prices for add ons.

User editable means that you can personally edit items on your website. For example add news items or articles. Automated email can be added, which will email your customers/members whenever you have added an item.

A contact form can also be included. This is more secure than a normal email link and more versatile

  • Basic Website = £200
  • User editable + £50
  • Automated email + £20
  • Contact form + £10
  • Website repairs = £20 - POA

Web Applications

The most fundamental parts of a web application are database management and user interface. Mobile device integration is an option, which is usually desirable too.

Currently developing Trident. This is a combined web and mobile application for workplace defect management. If you would like to view a demo version please contact me for a password to the website.

Due to the complexity and variation of web applications please contact me to discuss feasibility and pricing.


Mobile Applications

I currently develop apps for Apple and Android devices.

Do you have a killer app in mind? Got an existing app that needs updating?

Due to the varying degrees of complexity for mobile apps, please contact me for a quotation. Give as much detail as possible.

Please note, all my published mobile apps are free and do not contain ads unless otherwise stated.

Miideas Miideas

Store all your ideas on your mobile device. Ever had a great idea and need to get it down straight away? Chances are you will have your mobile device on you. Open Miideas and start taking notes, store links to related web pages, take photos or load them from your photo gallery. You can make some sketches or even sketch over the photos you have in your idea.

Android version available soon

Download from the App Store
Pink Bubbles Pink Bubbles

Have a few minutes to kill and fancy popping some bubbles? Who doesn't? Download Pink Bubbles from the App Store and start popping those nasty pink bubbles now!

Features include three levels of difficulty, bonus bubbles to pop for added help and comprehensive stats after each game.

Download from the App Store
Apps in development
Trident Trident

This is a companion mobile appliction to the Trident web application. Trident is a workplace plant defect management system. For full details, please visit Trident info page

Please note, although the apps (Apple and Android) are free, the web application will have a charge for installation. Details can be found on the Trident info pages too.



Has your spreadsheet stopped working? Are you getting lots of error messages? Do you have warnings about broken links? Just cannot get the auto formatting to work? Contact me and I'll examine the spreadsheet and quote a price. Please see Repairs in the price list for a guide.


Are you carrying out boring repetitive operations on your spreadsheets? Need to perform some operations that the built in functions do not cover? Do you need to free up more of your precious time by allowing automation to do most of the work for you? Contact me with details of the automation and I'll give you a quote based on the complexity (see price list).

New Spreadsheet

Have you an idea for a new spread sheet but not sure how to go about it? Or maybe you do not have the time? Do you have data that you need to record and report on? Feel free to contact me. Let me know what you have in mind and I'll be happy to make some suggestions. If you are happy with any of the ideas then I'll give you a quote, which will be dependant on complexity and level of automation.

Data Analysis

Do you have data that you need to get information from? Information like, statistical and trend analysis? Would you like to visualise your data in chart or other forms? Do you need some data cleansing? Again, contact me and I'll be able to give you a quote.


Feel free to contact me if you have any other spreadsheet requirements. I'm sure I'll be able to help.

The prices listed below are for guidance. The lower price is the minimum charge. The final quote will reflect the complexity and time expected to be taken to realise your request. I will not undertake any work until we are both happy with the quote.

  • Repairs: £10-£40
  • Automation: £20-POA
  • Create spread sheet: £25-POA
  • Data analysis: £20-POA

About me

My name is Karl Holden. I am a freelance software developer. I started coding in the 1980's when home computing first became viable. The first computer language I learned was good old BASIC on the ZX81! This lead swiftly on to machine coding and assembler.

Over the years, I have learned to programme in many computer languages on various platforms.

A large part of my career was as a Systems Engineer for Traction and Rolling Stock. A significant part of this was data gathering and analysis using different software tools.

At present I have turned my full attention to software development. The main areas I am concentrating on are mobile applications, websites, web+mobile apps and spreadsheets.

Please feel free to contact me for any queries or quotations.